The Most Popular Types of White Wine Grapes

White wine grapes are the main raw material for wide assortment of white wines, including royal class of wines. As well as the common, cheaper brand names. Also, many white wine grapes are use for blending with other sorts of grapes during manufacturing of wines based on multiple grape varieties. Some white wines are dry and full-flavored, others have higher acidity. And lighter taste and some are produced as dessert wines with sugary flavor.


Most white wine grapes are common in every country with developed wine industry, due to their adaptability to various climate conditions. White wines are widely used in gastronomy and best paired with lighter meals, seafood and various sauces. Here are some of the most popular types of white wine grapes manufactured as globally famous white wine brand names.


Chardonnay is probably the most famous sort of white wine grapes. Which grows in numerous countries and is used for production of several brand name wines. Chardonnay is essential substance for wide range of white Burgundies and one of the sorts used for production of Champagne. Chardonnay is pretty exclusive brand, usually highly priced, but the reasons for that are many. It provides impressive taste, spiced with various fruit aromas and flavor of exotic fruits and the final flavor is mildly acidic, rich and slightly sweet. There’s also another thing that makes Chardonnay flavor so unique. Namely, the original manufacturing technique imposes so called oak treatment of Chardonnay grapes which should give the oak note to the final product. When manufactured properly, the grape should be stored in oak barrels. Or at least oak logs should be added into the liquid. The oak note is what gives that earthy, royal essence to this white wine.

Pinot Grigio

This sort of Pinot grape is rather popular over the last few years, although it still confuses many wine lovers. Namely, it is officially considered to be white wine sort, but its final products are often tan or darker than common white wines. This variety is modified sort of Pinot black and many manufacturers put additives into it to provide lighter tone.


This grape sort provides rather neutral or fruity aromas. Usually resembles peach or apple and the oak flavor is not added. Pinot Gris, as it is often alternatively called, is one of the most popular inexpensive white wines, especially in Italy. Chefs love it since it combines perfectly with wide range of dishes.


Although Riesling wasn’t considered for high class white wine for quite a long. Some French and German sorts and products have changed its status. Most Riesling grape sorts provide relatively sweet liquids, consequentially used for production of dessert and half-dessert wines, although several sorts provide drier and mildly acidic white wines. Most Riesling wines taste fresh, light and slightly bubbling and there are many popular brand names with blended fruitful aromas. Riesling is often paired with other grape sorts while manufacturing multiple-sorts wines and it is also used in gastronomy.