Wines You Would Not Like To Miss In 2019

True wine lovers and experts in the field will find a quality local wine manufacturer in pretty much any country, but the fact is that global wine industry usually imposes expectations onto several leading countries, such as France and Italy. The climate conditions served wine manufacturers well over the last few years, thus we have all the reasons to expect rich and quality offer of all sorts of wine in 2019.


Whether you prefer sour or dry wines, strong red ones, sugary dessert ones or sparkling white wines, here are some exquisite sorts and brands coming from these two countries you would not like to miss in 2019.

French wines you must taste in 2019

As the second largest wine producer in the world, France manufacturers almost 10 billion of bottles annually and its soil is the source of wide range of grape sorts, such as Cabernet, Chardonnay and Pinot noir. Although the sorts of French grape are now planted worldwide and products labeled as French wines, experienced, traditional and highly-controlled methods of wine production still make original French wines higher class of quality compared to others. Some best sorts we would recommend to you to try during 2019 are listed below.

Love Provence Rose is particularly popular and widely utilized among chefs and served in restaurants, since it matches perfectly many delicious dishes and comes as exquisite dessert wine.


It is usually combined with sea food or truffle and other not-so-heavy meals. This rose wine is light, but certainly not weak and it provides flavorful taste. It is recognizable for its specific aromas, resembling peach and other exotic fruits, but it still keeps its clear note of alcohol.

Un Double Cabernet Franc is an excellent choice for red wine lovers. This strong, dry red wine isn’t sour as some other Cabernet sorts and it matches red meet-based dishes perfectly. Its soft but intensive flavor leaves an impression to every wine lover due to specific aromas and slightly spicy tone.

Italian wines you must taste in 2019

Italy is still the largest wine manufacturer, but it also has the biggest amount of wine drunk per capita annually. It exports millions of bottles to other countries and wine producing methods of experienced Italian manufacturers are being copied by producers worldwide. Two high-quality sorts of Italian wine we recommend for 2019. are Amarone Villa Caplet and Barefoot Bubbly Prosecco.

Amarone Villa Caplet is an adventure per se and a must try wine for all red wine lovers. This red wine has rare deep, intensive and dry taste and blood-red color. It combines several red wine sorts providing unique boutique enriched with few specific aromas and if added to various simple, but caloric dishes it will come as a memorable impression.

Barefoot Bubbly Prosecco is an exciting wine type. Its fresh flavor enriched with bubbling and sparkling effect suits every light meal or spicy food. It is smooth, finished with lemon and honey aroma and resembles vibrant juice combined with alcohol.